About the choir

Stockholm´s Boys´ Choir was founded by Erik Algård in 1938.

The choir has since then been widely appreciated both nationally and internationally. In 2001 the choir was appointed Choir of the Federation and Cultural ambassador within the EU, a title previously honored the celebrated King's College Cambridge Choir and Le Choir de Montserrat.  H. M. Queen Silva is Protector of the choir.

The choir has its origin in the classical English choral tradition, but its repertoire today spans over all genres. Roland Nilsson took over as artistic leader in 1968 and led the choir for 40 years until 2008 when Karin Skogberg Ankarmo became the new artistic leader.

About the Choir

Today the choir has approximately 140 members divided into five choir groups and the boys even continue singing in a separate group when their voices break. Their ages span between 8 up to 37. The choir tours regularly at home and abroad and has sung in most countries in Europe as well as in China and in the U.S. The vocal training, which at times is very demanding, has by many been used as a platform for their professional, successful music and singing careers. The Stockholm Boys’ Choir is an important nursery for the regeneration of Swedish music.

The choir annually gives many concerts in Sweden and participates in choral festivals. The Christmas concert in Gustaf Vasa Church and the spring concert are held in Stockholm every year. The choir also performs in many churches and other venues. The concert choir, which goes on tours, consists of around 45 choristers; 25 sopranos, and 20 men. The men’s choir includes countertenors, tenors and bases.

Karin Skogberg Ankarmo, Artistic leader and Conductor

was born in 1973 in Stockholm.  Cantor’s degree from Stora Sköndal and organist graduate from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where she studied choral conducting with Stefan Parkman and organ with Torvald Torén. Since 2001 she is the organist of Kungsholm’s Church in Stockholm and has for some years been chairman of the Swedish Church Boys’ Choir Association. She is the author of the books “Do Re Mi 1 and 2”, educational choir material for children. In July 2008, she succeeded Roland Nilsson as the artistic leader of Stockholm Boys’ Choir. Karin also teaches Choir Methodology at the institute of Ersta-Sköndal.

Erik Wadman, organist/pianist

Erik was born in 1956, studied church music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. His teachers were Alf Linder, Gotthard Arnér and Anders Bondeman. Erik has been accompanist to the Stockholm Boys’ Choir since the early 80s, and besides being an organ soloist and accompanist, he is also composer and arranges music.

Magnus Bergman, co-conductor/pianist

Magnus was born in 1971 in Nyköping and studied at Lunnevads and Vadstena Folkhögskolor. He has a soloist diploma in piano and churchmusic from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. His teachers were Esther Bodin Karpe och Stefan Bojsten. He has been on concert tours being a piano soloist in Scandinavia, Europe and North America, and he is today organist at Västerleds församling, Stockholm.

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